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Paver Stone & Artificial Turf Installed in Phoenix Arizona

How to Create a Beautiful Lawn With Pavers & Turf

Year-Round Happiness in Your Own Back Yard – Arizona Hardscapes Can Help!

Do you remember when you were a child, first exploring the world… and every step you took led you down a path toward something new? That same feeling of wonder and escape can be yours again with a redesigned lawn created from beautiful paver stones and/or synthetic turf.

With the timeless beauty of pavers or the lush green fibers of artificial grass, you can create the lawn of your dreams. All it takes is a little imagination and some planning.

We’re here to help you get started with paver stone installation and artificial grass installation in the Phoenix area— here’s what you need to know.

Step One: Choose Between Artificial Grass and Real Grass

There’s nothing inherently wrong with natural grass. The problem is that in many climates, it’s not natural. Phoenix is one of those places. That alone can make the choice clear for conscientious homeowners. After considering the resource-heavy needs of natural grass, such as irrigation, pest control, and mowing, artificial turf can seem like the most planet-friendly thing you can do for your lawn — and your family.

But the benefits don’t stop there.

It’s also an easy choice for anyone who wants to cut back on the hours they spend taking care of their yard. Plus, there are even some health benefits that will make you glad you chose artificial grass over the non-native stuff. There’s a full list below, but here’s a sneak peek: imagine never having to soak your lawn with pesticides or fertilizers again!

Step Two: Understand the Benefits of Installing Artificial Grass

  • Ditch that noisy, dirty, expensive, space-hogging mower
  • Save a truckload of money on lawn care
  • Make your lawn a pesticide-free zone for better health
  • Enjoy incredible value with long-lasting, weather-resistant turf
  • Stop worrying about rot, mold, mildew and fungus growth
  • Go Green and help preserve Phoenix’s precious natural resources
  • Stop contributing to air pollution and reduce emissions
  • Free up your weekends with easy-care turf
  • Rest easy with a commitment to service and an 8-year warranty
  • Reduce your family’s contact with pests (fleas, grubs, and more)
  • Keep a sparkling home — no mud or dirt gets tracked inside
  • Fool the neighbors: a high end synthetic turf can look like real grass
  • Stay beautiful: faux grass comes in a wide range of colors and textures and retains its color no matter how strong the Phoenix sun gets

Step Three: Discover the Beauty of Pavers

Your lawn can be anything you want it to be. For lots of homeowners, grass, whether synthetic or natural, is only the beginning. To bring your backyard oasis to life or create the most compelling frontage your neighborhood has ever seen, you might want to add some pavers to the mix.

Pavers give texture and interest to your yard. We install them in homes all over the Phoenix area, helping homeowners bring their visions to life in endless ways. Travertine pavers and concrete pavers can be used for walkways and patios, driveways, stone steps and wherever your imagination takes you.

If you have a sensitivity to natural beauty and materials (and who doesn’t?), you’ll love pavers. They let you incorporate your own unmistakable style, with touches that blend in with the natural landscape. We love them because they’re simple, yet unique. Each is inspired by nature with its own individual shape, size, color, and texture.

But there’s lots more to love…

Step Four: Explore the Benefits of Installing Pavers

  • Experience the timeless beauty of classic style
  • Free up time: they’re incredibly easy to maintain
  • Easily add to the beauty of your home
  • Keep things simple: pavers fit into any layout
  • Enjoy long-lasting value: pavers age beautifully
  • Express your style: pavers come in unusual patterns, natural textures and unexpected shapes
  • Anticipate many years of beauty and value: pavers last for years even when weather conditions are brutal

Pavers can help you fulfill your inner gardener dreams, too. For a classic garden look, imagine flowers and other greenery filling in through cracks, making it seem that the stones have been there for centuries.

Or a scenic route from the curb to your front door makes for a carefree and relaxing journey from the car to your home.

Do you need to start small and scale up later? Start the look with a set of stone steps. They’re practical and beautiful. Plus, you can develop the theme later on, when you have time, with coordinating pavers or stones for your driveway or yard. Travertine and concrete pavers are totally versatile and easy to work with in this way.

These are just some of the projects we’ve brought to life for homeowners in the Phoenix-area. The team here at Arizona Hardscapes has helped clients create surprisingly original and beautiful shapes with pavers and stones.

Step Five: Learn How to Combine Materials for a Custom Look

You can blanket your lawn with artificial grass, creating a lush, green look that’s uniform and calming. You could also choose a Mediterranean look, opting for pavers and stones all the way.

But wouldn’t it be incredible to mix the two for a custom, upscale look for your yard? Picture a stone walkway combo with artificial grass on either side, inviting guests or family to stroll throughout your backyard. Then, incorporate sculptural elements that you choose to express your individual style: fountains, benches, arches, a trellis, for example.

Some homeowners choose a flagstone pathway that winds through the yard, leading to a private escape… a pagoda, a potter’s shed, or a tea house. The pathway is flanked on either side by a lush, green oasis of artificial turf.

We’ve helped Phoenix-area homeowners bring visions like these to life. We can help you, too. Call us and together we’ll find the right combination of turf and pavers or stones to fit the vision you have for your yard.

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